Team Day 2016

On October 14th 2016, Rowley Spring and Stamping celebrated our annual Team Day. We always like to use this day to thank all of our hard-working employees for everything they have done to help bring Rowley Spring and Stamping to where it is today. We started the day with a meeting to discuss how business has been. We highlight the positives, but also pay careful attention to areas in which we can improve.

After our meeting, five teams of five volunteered for this year’s carnival themed competition, and everyone else got to cheer them on! Each team had its members compete one at a time in several games: ring toss, bean bag toss, duck toss (similar to lawn darts), ping pong bounce, and a water gun game. Each game had its own scoring method, and the two teams with the highest number of points in the end won prizes! After the competition was over, everyone was allowed to take part in the fun and play games for tickets that could be traded in for carnival prizes like stuffed animals, candy, inflatable bats, and even a beta fish for lucky ring toss winners!

After having a great time with each other and playing the games, we went inside for a prize raffle for even more amazing prizes! Rowley would like to thank all of our competition volunteers and workers, caterers, and everyone who was able to make our team day possible!

Competition Results:

1st Place: Team 1          2nd Place: Team 3

Team 1: John Higginbotham, Rachel Klem, Ivan LaPlante, Scott Saucier, Frederick Dehnel

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Team 2: Dan DePaolo, Jan Willicka, Amber Smith, Kenny Delliber Jr., Michael LeHerissier

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Team 3: Denise Morrow, Zach Coppola, Seth Marinaro, Christian Riveria Nazario, Chris Fontaine

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Team 4: Orlando Candeias, Denise Angelillo, John Maskaitis, Robert Golden, Marzanna Kedzierski

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Team 5: John Dellalana, John West, Brian Primevara, Mindy Demarest, Sita Div

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