Tooling Fabrication

IMG_5709Rowley Spring and Stamping Corp. employs many talented tool and die makers that fabricate some of the most complex tooling in order to meet the special design configurations of each of our customers. Today, highly detailed part geometries and new or uncommon materials present unique design challenges to our tool makers. With our team fabrication approach, each part is evaluated prior to the tooling design phase to ensure that all aspects of the build are in accordance with Rowley Spring and Stamping’s strict design specifications. We have spent many years developing our tool design standards that provide longer tool life, easier maintenance, and reduction of material waste. Most aspects of the tooling fabrication take place in-house, allowing us to control work flow, timing, and adherence to tight tolerances.

Picture5Rowley has in-house wire EDM machines that have the ability to fabricate precision die components for complex part geometries. Our EDM machines also have the capabilities to produce part blanks for quick prototype runs.

Having a full staff of tool makers on the floor also allows us to provide proper tool maintenance for both our power press (progressive dies) and four slide departments. Each tool is placed on a regular maintenance schedule. The frequency of maintenance is determined by several factors such as the types of materials the tool forms and punches, the number of parts manufactured, and the age of the tool. Well maintained tools produce higher quality parts. Contact Rowley Spring and Stamping Corp. for more information on our ability to design and build tooling to fabricate your parts!

Custom tooling example

Custom tooling example