Celebrating 60 years in Business

On Friday, June 20th, Rowley Spring and Stamping celebrated their 60th anniversary! 60 years of a small business is a big accomplishment. It shows that with hard work and determination a company is able to rise above even the worst economic downturns. Rowley has been faced with a lot of challenges both internally and externally but through it all, they came out on top. The day started with taking a look at how far Rowley had come. The 1950’s were a great time to start a business and Rowley is an example of how one guy and really change the lives of many. Unfortunately, the founder of Rowley, Stanley Bitel, could not attend the celebration but his two daughters did! They even told some old stories about what it was like to work with their father as Rowley began to grow into the corporation it is today. Stories were also told from employees that have been working at Rowley for over 30 years! And of course, there was a great video to reminiscence on old pictures from the companies old scrap books:

After taking a trip down memory lane Rowley employees headed outside for some games, food, and entertainment! There was even guest appearances from past employees and some showed up in their 1950’s cars! Their was also a costume contest, a scavenger hunt, lawn games, Raffle prizes and tons of food (thank you Frankies!).

For more picture check out Rowley’s Facebook page! – https://www.facebook.com/rowleyspring

Celebrating 60 years with Rowley Spring was an extremely fun day and all Rowley Spring and Stamping employees should be very proud of all their hard work and dedication. They’re truly an amazing team to work with.

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