Rowley Invests in Local Labor Force in a New Way.


IMG_3468Rowley has been hard at work in developing an unprecedented solution to the ongoing dilemma that many manufacturers are facing, an aging workforce with no skilled workers to replace them. About 1/3rd of Rowley’s labor force is upon the age of retirement and this means losing very valuable knowledge that will take many years to recover from. John Dellalana, President of Rowley Spring and Stamping, has decided to take action now to mitigate potential damage the company could see if employees begin to retire without having anyone to replace them.

As seen throughout Connecticut, just putting up “For hire” signs isn’t enough to get the employees that you need through your door. Rowley Spring, has decided to approach “For hire” in a new way, by investing in the community and people who have a desire to work but maybe lack the skill set.  To do this Rowley has teamed up with the Bristol Adult Board of Education (who happened to be located in the same building as Rowley) to develop a curriculum that will allow residents to earn their GED as well as Manufacturing experience. Residents who sign up for this new style of learning will gain the experience they need to enter into a new career of manufacturing here in Connecticut.

Anyone who has looked for a job in the past couple of years knows what a daunting task it can be. From entry level positions asking for 5-10 years’ experience (doesn’t that mean it’s not entry level!) to companies try to pay you half the salary you were making 10 years ago in that actual entry level position. It’s frustrating to say the least, but Rowley has taking a honest approach in hopes to change the work force, one person at a time.  It’s an investment not only in the surrounding community but in the American workforce.


For more information about Bristol’s Adult education program you can visit