Rowley’s Workforce Program is Changing How We Look at Education

DSC_8638On Friday, December 19th, 7 students graduated from the program the Rowley Spring and Bristol Adult Board of Ed had put together to help shape the upcoming workforce. The program aims to be the solution to business claim of not being able find anyone with qualified experience in Manufacturing anymore. This pilot program has successfully brought 7 students through a curriculum that allows them to gain all the skills needed to find a job in manufacturing upon graduation.

Larry Covino, the adult education supervision, praised the students as, “extraordinary individuals.” as he continued to say, “We want them gainfully employed in something that’s more powerful than a minimum-wage job, that’s a life sustaining occupation.”

All the students came from a very diverse background and all had extraordinary stories to tell. From being a single mom with three DSC_8559kids, to having a full time job and paying for everything for his family, but what each student shared was a desire to better their current employment situation and that’s exactly what Rowley Spring and Bristol Board of Ed hope to do with every student that graduates from this program.

Rowley Spring has been very excited about this pilot program because the program is free for the students, it’s through the generosity of donations that allow these students to better their current conditions and work toward a sustainable future for themselves. Each student had 54 hours in Rowley Spring’s manufacturing area to gain hands on experience with our equipment, and trainers, to learn tasks that are required to work in a manufacturing environment.

As the program continues to develop and reach more people, we hope to see many other graduates from the program and allow the Bristol community members to take advantage of this great opportunity.