Veterans Day


In honor of those who risked their lives to protect us, we would like to take a moment to thank all veterans for their bravery and reflect upon everything they have done for us. Thank you for serving our country and making countless sacrifices to keep our families safe.

We are very proud and grateful to work alongside Armand “Joe” Bedard, Dave Scott, Orlando Candeias, Angel Martinez, Mel Brown, Jan Willicka, and Andrew Davy, and we thank each one of you for your service and outstanding hard work.

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2nd Annual Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament


On June 12th, 2017, Rowley Spring & Stamping held the 2nd Annual Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament at Pequabuck Golf Club to honor Stanley, who not only founded our company in 1954, but was also our dear friend. We hope everybody had a great time, and we would like to thank everyone who played, volunteered, donated, and sponsored the event and helped make our second tournament a huge success! Click here to view this year’s program and to see all of our donors and sponsors that made this event possible. We would like to give a very special thank you to United Bank and Bucom International for being our gold sponsors!

All proceeds from the event went directly to the Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Fund that is provided through the Main Street Community Foundation, and we were able to raise over $9,500! We would also like to congratulate this year’s scholarship recipient, Natallie Jesionka, and wish her good luck with all her future endeavors!



Above from left to right:  John Dellalana, Darlene Krammer, Natallie Jesionka, Camilla Farrell, and John Higginbotham


Above:  John Dellalana, President of Rowley Spring & Stamping, had the most money placed on him and had to wear a tutu for the entire day!


Team Day 2016

On October 14th 2016, Rowley Spring and Stamping celebrated our annual Team Day. We always like to use this day to thank all of our hard-working employees for everything they have done to help bring Rowley Spring and Stamping to where it is today. We started the day with a meeting to discuss how business has been. We highlight the positives, but also pay careful attention to areas in which we can improve.

After our meeting, five teams of five volunteered for this year’s carnival themed competition, and everyone else got to cheer them on! Each team had its members compete one at a time in several games: ring toss, bean bag toss, duck toss (similar to lawn darts), ping pong bounce, and a water gun game. Each game had its own scoring method, and the two teams with the highest number of points in the end won prizes! After the competition was over, everyone was allowed to take part in the fun and play games for tickets that could be traded in for carnival prizes like stuffed animals, candy, inflatable bats, and even a beta fish for lucky ring toss winners!

After having a great time with each other and playing the games, we went inside for a prize raffle for even more amazing prizes! Rowley would like to thank all of our competition volunteers and workers, caterers, and everyone who was able to make our team day possible!

Competition Results:

1st Place: Team 1          2nd Place: Team 3

Team 1: John Higginbotham, Rachel Klem, Ivan LaPlante, Scott Saucier, Frederick Dehnel

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Team 2: Dan DePaolo, Jan Willicka, Amber Smith, Kenny Delliber Jr., Michael LeHerissier

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Team 3: Denise Morrow, Zach Coppola, Seth Marinaro, Christian Riveria Nazario, Chris Fontaine

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Team 4: Orlando Candeias, Denise Angelillo, John Maskaitis, Robert Golden, Marzanna Kedzierski

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Team 5: John Dellalana, John West, Brian Primevara, Mindy Demarest, Sita Div

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Workforce: Introduction to Manufacturing

We would like to thank the Bristol Press for publishing this article about the collaboration between Rowley Spring and Stamping and the Bristol Adult Education Center to train students of all ages for the manufacturing field. If you wish to read the article, please click here to see it on the Bristol Press website or here to view it on the Rowley News page .

With the increasing demand for workers with hands-on experience in manufacturing, we are proud that this program has been able to motivate people to become educated in the manufacturing field and that it has also helped to increase the workforce in the manufacturing job market. If you are interested in signing up for the next semester of the Bristol Adult Education Workforce, please click here.

Rowley’s 1st Golf Tournament

We would like to thank everyone who donated, sponsored, played, and volunteered for our very 1st golf tournament fundraiser! It was an amazing experience, and we are thankful to all of you who have helped us start this scholarship fund in Stanley P. Bitel’s name. Please click here to view the program for this event and to see all of our sponsors and donors that made it possible. We would like to give a special thank you to United Bank for being our gold sponsor for this event.

We were able to raise approximately $10,000 for the Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Fund and could not be more thrilled with the results. We also announced the first recipient of the Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship at the dinner. Congratulations to Rachel Klem! We wish you good luck with your future and cannot wait to see where your education will take you!


From left to right: Camilla Farrell, Rachel Klem, and Darlene Krammer

Here are the teams that played for the 1st Annual Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament

1st place: Team 8            2nd place: Team 2


Team 1: Doug Napoli, John Higginbotham, Mike Granger, Rob Washington


Team 2: Sean Gregor, Jason Latko, Tom Kjucharski, Tunji Somma


Team 3: Bob Ososski, Bob Rimbach, John Dellalana, Rick Dube


Team 4: Mike Dinello, Joe Bercone, Mike Dinello, Jake Lesley


Team 5: Jason Sobota, John Marco, Scott Brouard, Ted Sobota


Team 6: Dave Gallerani, Christian Pisani, Bill Micari, Rich Caruso


Team 7: Lou Proto, Paul Proto, Matt Proto, Steve Longobardi


Team 8: Jake Mckay, Matt Kelly, Anthony Rattwenni, Arther Ryan


Team 9: Camilla Farrell, Darryl Lansing, Darlene Krammer, Liz Fenster


Team 10: Nicholas Krammer, Matt Fenster, Larry Russolino, Bud McDonald


Team 11: Marry Cimmini, Carolyn Collin, Carrie McDonald, Liz Morancy


Team 12: Zachary Schurin, Joshua Hawks-Ladds, Gaetane Damboise, Patrick Damboise


Team 13: John Galligan, Bill Skwirz, Tom Gifford, Walter Bennett


Team 14: Rudy Ksiazkiewicz, Paula Markie, Jim Martin, Jeff Van Zandt


Team 15: Kevin Lannon, Bruce Massey, Susan Locks, Brian Reardon


Team 16: Mike Palenta, Don Young, Ed Palenta, Jim Quinn

Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship

We would like to thank the Bristol Press for posting an article about the Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship. Click here to read the article. We are very proud to have been able to establish this scholarship in honor of Stanley and want to make sure we can continue it for years to come!

If you wish to sponsor and/or donate to the 1st Annual Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament, please see this Golf flyer. We would like to thank everyone who has donated, sponsored, and signed up to participate in the tournament so far. Your generous contributions will help support students wishing to pursue a higher education and will honor a great businessman, determined leader, and amazing friend, Stanley P. Bitel.

If you are a student and wish to apply for this scholarship, here is a link to the Stanley P Bitel Memorial Scholarship on the Main Street Foundations website.


High Speed Coiler

We have been working on improving our spring-making machinery and have invested in a new, high-speed coiler with the ability to make about 28,000 springs per hour. We will also continue to improve our processes, upgrade our machines, and bring the absolute best to our customers around the world.

The video below is from our YouTube channel. Subscribe for more Rowley Spring content! Rowley Spring YouTube Channel

1st Annual Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament

In honor of Stanley P. Bitel, we are creating a golf tournament, and all proceeds will go towards the scholarship in his name. The tournament will take place on June 2nd, 2016 at Pequabuck Golf Club. Registration will begin at 11:00 a.m. with lunch at 11:30, and the tournament will begin at 12:30. Here is the Golf flyer with all the information.

Below is a link to the registration form: