Contacts and Terminals

Contacts and terminals are components used in various types of electrical connectors to join electrical circuits together. The connection may be temporary or permanent depending on the application. They are integral parts of simple or complex circuits such as contact switches, wire connector terminals, electronic jumpers, and relay switches.Contacts

The pins used in terminal connectors come in many different configurations and can be manufactured in a number of different ways. Rowley Spring and Stamping Corp. manufactures most connector pins through the use of a four slide due to its ability to form wire or coil stock to the final geometry needed for the application. Our other contact and terminal capabilities include the staking or welding of composite (bimetal) or silver contacts in copper or brass components. Systems for staking and welding are engineered as part of the process and result in a complete final part without the need for secondary operations. In addition, we also utilize electronic visual in-line inspection methods to ensure the proper fabrication of each terminal. Contact us to discuss your contact and terminal requirements.