Fourslide Wire Forming


A fourslide (also referred to as multislide) is a versatile machine that has the ability to run both flat coil stock to make metal stampings as well as wire of any type to make wireforms.

Many people are not very familiar fourslide machines because of how specialized they can be. They have the ability to create parts with complex shapes and bends and can mirror the part production of a CNC machine at a much faster rate.

In fourslide wire fabrication, there is usually one main working section called the slide section. However, an additional die section can be used to create details that cannot be made with the slide section alone. The slide or “forming area” has four slides that are activated by separate cams that move or “slide” the tool over the wire to perform specific functions. Each slide approaches the wire from one of four different positions, thereby giving it the name “fourslide”. Prior to the wire advancing to the slide section, there is a die section that will perform certain functions such as swedging or creating some bends if needed. Not all fourslides are equipped with a die section because it is not always necessary, especially when a wire form which can be produced with precision tolerances and higher run rates.