A Special Guest Visit to Rowley

Friday, March 28th, Rowley Spring and Stamping had a special employee meeting, Both of Stanley Bitel’s (owner) daughters, Darlene and Camilla, were here to celebrate the progress of Rowley Spring and Stamping has been making. They came with great news that Stanley is doing well and loves hearing about all of Rowley’s great accomplishments.

Rowley Team Meeting

Some highlights of the meeting were that Rowley Spring has reached over 98% on time delivery for the month of February! Rowley also had two new speakers at today’s meeting. Eric Files is the new supply chain manager for Rowley. He has an impressive resume and is excited to bring on some of his new ideas to Rowley. Also, John Capece is the new Sales Manager for Rowley. He brings over 35 years of experience to Rowley and also has a very impressive resume.

Rowley also highlighted the increased number of employees are continuing to advance their careers at Rowley. The experienced employees are moving up and Rowley is creating many new connections in the community and has partnered with the Board of Education as well as the Chamber of Commerce to help facilitate the interest in manufacturing jobs among the younger generations.

Last but not least, Dennis Bouchard, Facilities Manager, was recognized for his 35 years of amazing service to Rowley Spring and Stamping corp.

Service Award

Thank you Dennis and the entire Rowley team for all your hard with this year and we hope to continue to see positive growth!

Also, a special thanks to Darlene and Camilla for joining us today!

Rowley visits Bristol Tech’s Career Fair

Rowley Spring and Stamping went to visit Bristol Tech’s annual career fair in hopes to get some new applicants in the door. Rowley is always looking for enthusiastic new workers who have a desire to be in manufacturing and continue to grow their skills. Rowley currently partners with a couple of the tech schools in the area to help grow interest in the manufacturing industry and help with hands on experience.

Learning has been a large part of the success here at Rowley. We have partnered with many other companies and education centers to continue teaching the community and our employees all different areas of business and manufacturing. We do have a Learning Center here at Rowley where we host many different types of classes to encourage learning and skill development.

The career fair was a success and we would like to thank Bristol Tech for their hard work in making the fair a success.

If you’re interested in applying to Rowley spring and Stamping we do accept resumes online or can mail them in to us.

EMAIL: RowleyHR@rowleyspring.com

We look forward to the next career fair!