Custom Wire Forms

Custom wire forming is a very unique process with hundreds of thousands of possibilities for configurations and designs. There are numerous applications for custom wire forms, and they can be found in most day-to-day appliances. Often, they are not directly visible on the appliance, but are improving our lives from deep within the mechanism. Compression, extension, and torsion springs are examples of wire forms, but there are situations in which a non-traditional configuration is needed in order to meet specific needs or perform certain functions.

  • CNC wire forming with .003″ to .12″ diameter material
  • Secondary forming with .003″ to .12″ diameter material
  • Carbon Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Copper Alloys

No matter the shape or size, a wireform must be manufactured using one of a number of different methods. As a wireform manufacturer, Rowley Spring and Stamping Corp. has the capabilities needed to produce wireforms with CNC wire forming machines or with a fourslide machine (also referred to as a multi-slide and is the same type of machine that produces fourslide stampings). This versatility allows us to objectively choose the most cost effective method to produce a wireform.