Rowley Spring and Stamping’s Tour

Rowley Spring and Stamping’s held our first APIC’s tour on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. To say it was a success is an understatement. With almost 100 attendees the night buzzed with positive energy from the moment you walked into the facility and it was mesmerizing. The employees were all very enthusiastic about their work and their pride showed throughout the entire tour. All the attendees were very attentive and showed respect as well as gratitude for Rowley putting together such an event.

The tour started with a presentation by Rowley which was extremely informative and left the attendees full of anticipation to go see the live show on the manufacturing floor.

The manufacturing area was amazing. The floors shined and everything looked clean and organized. The attendees broke up into 7 different groups and rotated into each area for quick 10 minute presentations giving by the area’s expert employees.

The tour finished with an amazing dinner served in the cafeteria, which, I must say, looked absolutely amazing. The food was great and Rowley continued to show their great hospitality all throughout. To end the night a brief Question and Answer session with the President and Area experts took place. It truly was an event that would not be forgotten.

A special thank you to everyone who attended, the night could not be possible without you and thank you for your support to Rowley Spring and Stamping.

Also, a thank you to all Rowley Employees who helped create such an amazing evening, your effort and positive attitudes were much appreciated.

Here are some pictures of the Tour

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