Rowley Partners with AMO for a greener future



Yesterday, May 8th, 2014 Rowley Spring and Stamping corp. Solidified our partnership the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) in hopes of seeing a greener future.

AMO goal is, “to identify and invest in emerging clean energy technologies. We establish collaborative communities focused on developing and commercializing targeted technologies; play a leadership role in the national interagency Advanced Manufacturing Partnership; and encourage a culture of continuous improvement in corporate energy management. Our investments have high impact, use project diversity to spread risk, target nationally important innovation at critical decision points, and contribute to quantifiable energy savings.” 

Rowley feels positive about this partnership and hopes it continues our philosophy of continuous improvement!

DOE Better Plants Article (2)


A Special Guest Visit to Rowley

Friday, March 28th, Rowley Spring and Stamping had a special employee meeting, Both of Stanley Bitel’s (owner) daughters, Darlene and Camilla, were here to celebrate the progress of Rowley Spring and Stamping has been making. They came with great news that Stanley is doing well and loves hearing about all of Rowley’s great accomplishments.

Rowley Team Meeting

Some highlights of the meeting were that Rowley Spring has reached over 98% on time delivery for the month of February! Rowley also had two new speakers at today’s meeting. Eric Files is the new supply chain manager for Rowley. He has an impressive resume and is excited to bring on some of his new ideas to Rowley. Also, John Capece is the new Sales Manager for Rowley. He brings over 35 years of experience to Rowley and also has a very impressive resume.

Rowley also highlighted the increased number of employees are continuing to advance their careers at Rowley. The experienced employees are moving up and Rowley is creating many new connections in the community and has partnered with the Board of Education as well as the Chamber of Commerce to help facilitate the interest in manufacturing jobs among the younger generations.

Last but not least, Dennis Bouchard, Facilities Manager, was recognized for his 35 years of amazing service to Rowley Spring and Stamping corp.

Service Award

Thank you Dennis and the entire Rowley team for all your hard with this year and we hope to continue to see positive growth!

Also, a special thanks to Darlene and Camilla for joining us today!

Rowley Spring & Stamping is Welcoming SPRING With a New Look

Rowley’s new website & New team addition.

Winter has finally passed and Spring is here! We are all excited to see the warmer weather upon us and for many it’s an opportunity to welcome a new look. Well, this winter Rowley was busy working behind the scenes so that they could unveil their new Spring look! Rowley has a new and improved website that was launched March 7th.

Rowley Spring and Stamping Corp’s new website features a product gallery, details of standard and custom springs, stampings, wire forms and even assemblies. Along, with tips to making custom orders, a blog that keeps you up-to-date on manufacturing news, and social media pages to stay in-touch with Rowley Spring and Stamping. “I really wanted the new website to capture Rowley Spring and Stamping’s unique ability to offer such a wide range of services, customize each order to their customers demand, and the ability to handle large volume orders.” – Annmarie Johnson, Marketing Specialist.

That’s not the only change Rowley has made, Rowley has welcomed a new Sales Manager, John J Capece with over 37 years of selling experience to the team. “I am very excited to work at Rowley Spring and Stamping, It’s a great company and I look forward to working with the team.” – John J Capece, Sales Manager.

With the new website up and running and having a new addition to the Rowley team, Rowley Spring and Stamping Corp looks to continue to be your number one source for all your spring and stamping needs! To leave Rowley feedback on our website you can go to and check out our social media sites  to be updated on more Rowley Spring and Stamping news!

History of Manufacturing.

Working at Rowley Spring and Stamping has really opened me up to the world of manufacturing. The idea of 100s of thousands of parts going out the door ever hour really made me take a step back and want to understand how we got to this point in time. It’s truly an amazing experience to walk through a manufacturing floor and see high volume manufacturing in progress.

Well, there is no exact start date but there are certain key eras that have made it possible to be here today. For the longest period of human existence people had to make their own tools or traded tools with others. As trade became more popular do did the idea of honing in on certain set of skills and that led to the development of the apprenticeship model. Most craftsman handed down their knowledge to their children and the children would continue the family “business”.

I would argue the birth of manufacturing came a couple hundred years ago with the development of steam power. Steam power led to the ability to run large machines such as the famous locomotive steam engine. The steam engine allowed the transportation of goods and allowed factories to develop all across the country. Steam power also is considered the corner stone of the industrial revolution, which is where we see manufacturing really take off.

Now, the industrial revolution lead to many changes and life for many people shifted from out in the fields to inside factories. Textile manufacturing was leading the way for manufacturing and the developments in Iron making wasn’t slowing down. Metallurgy had no limited and we began to see many new developments in architecture using new metal working techniques. Lastly, with all these changes, we needed more diverse and powerful tools. This lead to the invention of the milling machines, industrial lathes, metal planers and many more.

The next major shift in manufacturing came when electricity became more easily accessible. This allowed factories to have power no matter where they were built. This meant companies could strategically place factories where the demand for their product was high and labor costs were low (major cities).

Manufacturing has come a long was since steam power and the availability of abundant availability of electricity but many people claim will may see a new type of industrial revolution happen. Some believe it will be due to the invention of the internet and others believe it’s changing with the more frequent purchases of 3D printers.

Happy New Year!

Every year we like to take a look at how we did for that year and some new goals for the upcoming year. We don’t want to just achieve sustainability; we want growth and innovation to be the cornerstone of the company. 2013 was surely a year of change and a new outlook for Rowley. We hired a bunch of new people including a new president of the company, John Dellalana (see blog post about Rowley’s new president: We also created some new departments, made a ton of adjustments on the manufacturing floor, cleaned up, stepped up our efforts on LEAN, added new machines, threw out old ones, plus tons of other changes (you can take a look at some improvements here: ). With all that in mind, we still want to continue into 2014 with the same mentality of continuous improvement throughout the entire company.


Here’s a list of some of our New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Continue cutting out waste. We want to make sure all our processes are efficient in all regards; material use, waste, money, and time.
  2. Innovation. We want to further improve our business with using the most up-to-date technology and insure top quality in the industry.
  3. Keep Clean. Along the idea of minimizing waste, we want to insure that all aspects of the company are clean and organized.
  4. Continue LEAN. Here at Rowley we take LEAN serious and continue to look at all aspects to insure we are a LEAN organization.
  5. Try something new. We never dismiss a new idea here and encourage all employees and customers to speak their mind about changes that they would like to see.
  6.  Growth. Given our newest demographics over the past year, we are in the best position to see growth in the year 2014.  Concentration on increased customer relations and new customer development is a key focus this year.  A growing company with a mission and integrity become ideal business partners.

We know the path to success is a long road but in the end we are always proud of how far we come and how hard we work to make sure our customers are satisfied. We hope 2014 brings a promising future to all and lets all try to work together toward a greener future with less waste, higher quality, and an open mind.


Happy New Year!